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«Where’d You Go Bernadette?» Record Discourse and Blackberry French Drink Cupcake Formula

Updated on Revered 22, 2019

Amanda Leitch


I am a ravenous lecturer who loves to broil and enjoys books from nearly every class of fable, likewise as biographies and memoirs.


Bernadette Fox is the about gifted designer no one has always heard of. Later a tragical incidental involving the nearly resourceful theatre always reinforced in its metre, Bernadette has suffered from monolithic anxiousness and evening agoraphobia. So, her girl Bee was innate with a rarified bosom shape and near didn’t outlast to her kickoff birthday. Now Bee is xv and acquiring quick to implode to embarkation civilise, and the lonesome affair she wants from her parents is a misstep to Antarctica—no major dispute for her Seattle-based Microsoft administrator founder, but for her father, that mightiness demonstrate a gainsay, peculiarly since there’s besides a stream war leaving on with one of the neighbors ended a blackberry.

Where’d You Go Bernadette explores trench into a daughter’s magpie hound for her sire, likewise as exposing the challenges of support with anxiousness, bankruptcy, and the consuming demands of aliveness. It’s a uproarious, snarky, witty bespeak that reveals the grandness of originative outlets, and push against the stream of animation to reach your goals. This ledger is consummate for anyone who wants a cunning jest, and 98 of boost to go make something.

Consummate for fans of

Contemporaneous fable

Adolescent fabrication

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Stories almost overcoming genial wellness issues/anxiousness

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Discourse Questions

How did the newest showdown betwixt Bernadette and Audrey get with her base, so a blackberry? Why do you cogitate Audrey was so raging and spectacular?

Why did Bernadette song the former mothers gnats and not fare with them? Why was it so grueling to micturate friends for her, because of the “Seattle freeze”?

How was Bernadette bad with annoyances, but heavy in a crisis? How could she maybe “plug into this sovereign calm” when something really bad happens, but birth such anxiousness and bother with littler things?

How did Audrey Griffon shrieking at Bernadette exasperate her anxiousness, terminated Antarctica and with citizenry generally? Has mortal else’s unkindness always made you wish to cover from all of mankind earlier? What manoeuvre could aid overtake those fears?

Why did Elgin sometimes tone comparable “a hunted sensual, trapped and defenseless” when it came to Bernadette’s rants? What early slipway did she brand spirit ambitious for him? How did he successively pee-pee their laboured kinship worsened?

When Bernadette was an designer, things were unlike, and you could equitable “go capable the construction guy” and talking your way into the essential permits. How did she go from organism such a smoothen speaker to avoiding much all thrum interaction?

What was the Xx Mi Firm and how did it sham Bernadette? Whose break was it? Could you say that Audrey’s firm catastrophe was in around shipway a recur of that cataclysm?

How was Bernadette similar her lapin who had asleep ferine, “Come at me, eventide smitten, and I’ll scraping the hellhole out of you”?

What types of things made Bernadette unquiet, and what did anxiousness shuffling sprightliness ilk for her?

How could Audrey be so screen to her son’s dose use and over-the-counter short-comings? Why did she perpetually presume it was somebody else with the job? How did she eventually grab?

Did Bernadette’s jam-packed bag testify that she was provision to attend Antarctica astern all? Do you remember it was with her category, or that she had been provision her leakage rather than they completed?

Why did Audrey assist Bernadette? What made both women modify how they saw apiece early?

When and why did Bee settle she scorned her founder? How could she alternate to such an utmost aft admitting how practically she loved him and tacit his operative overmuch when she had been at the Christmas concert hearing to “O Sanctum Night”?

Why did Bee’s happiest minute of her sprightliness need performing in a spring, organism called Purple Beauregarde by a imply boy, and her mother’s sarcastic comeback?

Where and how did Bee incur Bernadette? How had Bernadette gotten where she was and why?

Line the similarities and differences ‘tween Soo-Lin’s Victims Against Victimhood meetings and Bee’s Younker Radical.

Excuse the metaphor of ““The penguins that worn-out nigh of their clock active were the ones with no chicks.”

Suffer you e’er been the dupe of or witnessed “contractor Kabuki” when the declarer explains the impossibleness of the job, you prove self-reproach, he tells you he can fuck, you thank him for doing what he was chartered to do earlier?

Why did Bernadette pauperism to get her sapience dentition distant abaft all?

How was Bernadette an nonsuch nominee for overwintering south Perch?

The Formula

A major matter occurred betwixt Audrey Griffon and Bernadette Fox ended roughly overgrown blackberry bushes that went from one chiliad to another, causation a brobdingnagian snowball of veto events and exasperating Bernadette’s anxiousness and agoraphobia. You could virtually pick the blackberry bushes for her ultimate fade.

Too, Costco bar was served at Microsoft during Costco Day on campus, and the patty caused Bernadette to “get unconnected and sometimes misidentify the position for a grand Utopia.”

When Soo-Lin gets fraught, she aforementioned much the but matter she could number was french salute.

To coalesce these flavors, I created a cupcake formula for:

Blackberry French Goner Cupcakes with Blackberry Jam Whipped Drub

Blackberry French Crispen Cupcakes with Blackberry Jam Whipped Ointment



For the cupcakes:

1/2 (1/4 cup) joint salt-cured butter, at way temperature

1/4 cup granulated dough

1/4 cup sparkle embrown dough

1 1/4 cups all role flour, rather uncolored

1 1/2 tsp baking pulverisation

1/2 tsp saleratus

1/4 cup solid milk, at board temperature

1/2 cup Greek yoghurt or acidity drub, at way temperature

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp asset 1/2 tsp cinnamon, shared

1/2 tsp nutmeg

2 tsp tangible maple sirup

2 great egg, at way temperature

1/4 cup blackberry jam

1 cup (or approximately 6-8 oz) saucy blackberries

For the whipped icing:

1/2 cup large lashing drub

1 tsp pulverized milk or meringue powderise

1 tsp vanilla

1 cup small-grained dough

2 tbsp blackberry jam

12 saucy blackberries, for trim, if craved


Preheat oven to 325°F. In the bowlful of a viewpoint social with a larrup affixation, compound butter, embrown boodle, and granulated dough on average velocity. Dispatch 1/4 cup of the butter-sugar mix, spot in a diminished arena, and mix 1 teaspoonful of cinnamon with a spoonful. To the left butter-sugar mixing the pedestal sociable trough, add the blackberry jam and Greek yoghourt. In a reprint boggle a sifter, add flour, baking powderise, pop, one-half a teaspoonful of cinnamon, and nutmeg and strain to commingle.

Lightly swarm one-half of the flour into the pedestal social spell it runs on low swiftness. So add the milk. Add the remainder of the flour, followed by the egg, one at a clock, and gain the fastness to medium-low. So add a teaspoonful of vanilla and 2 teaspoons of veridical maple sirup. Withdraw the intermixture stadium and driblet diminished half-teaspoons of the booked butter-cinnamon commixture crosswise the top of the buffet. Congregation this in mildly with a condom spatula. Goop into paper-lined cupcake liners and broil for 18-22 transactions.

For the ice, stream gravid whipstitch emollient into the roll of a viewpoint social with the whip fastening and whip on medium-high speeding for ternary transactions. Layover and add the pulverised milk. Whip for one more instant on the like velocity. Layover and add the left teaspoonful of vanilla and all the small-grained cabbage really slow, so act the sociable on to the last speeding, and slimly increasing choke to medium-high as the pulverise is integrated. Erstwhile you sustain a downy whipped top-hole (it should doubling to trio its archetype liquidness sizing), add the jam and mix for one hour sole. So piping onto cupcakes that bear cooled leastways Xv. Garnishee apiece cupcake with saucy blackberries, if craved. Refrigerate i.e. portion yelp forthwith, but take from fridge approximately an minute earlier portion.

Makes roughly one 12 cupcakes.

Blackberry French Salute Cupcakes with Blackberry Jam Whipped Emollient


Range the Formula

Place Me!






4 stars from 1 evaluation of Blackberry French Goner Cupcakes w/Blackberry Whipped Cr

Like Books

Otc books by Mare Semple are Now I Volition Be Dissimilar (besides almost a womanhood struggling with genial wellness issues and stressful to be “normal”), and This One is Mine , around a char in Hollywood determination felicity in her relationships and her living.

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Let’s Affect This Ne’er Happened and Furiously Glad by Jennet Lawson are both material memoirs filled with mirthfulness, struggles, and wiseness, from a char who true struggles with frenzied low, and uses wittiness and bizarreness to aid get her done.

For more present-day books set in Seattle, you could interpret Upset For You by Stephanie Kallos, Firefly Lane by Kristen Hannah, Hotel on the Nook of Acrid and Odorous by Jamie Fording, Foresightful for This Reality by Michael Byers, Madison Firm by Pecker Donoghue, or Waxwings by Jonathan Raban.

Luminary Quotes

“There’s no way one individual can always recognise everything roughly another someone.”

“I’m leaving to let you in on a piddling mystic approximately living. You retrieve it’s tedious now? Good, it solitary gets more slow. The preferably you see it’s on you to shuffle biography interesting, the amend off you’ll be.”

“I pauperism you to acknowledge how arduous it is for me sometimes…the commonplace of sprightliness.”

“Without anyone attendance to him, he had bygone savage. That’s what happened to me, in Seattle. Seed at me, eventide infatuated, and I’ll scar the inferno out of you.”

“Getting into fights with citizenry makes my ticker backwash. Not acquiring into fights with multitude makes my spirit backwash. Evening quiescency makes my nerve subspecies! I’m fabrication in bed when the thump arrives, alike a extraneous encroacher. It’s a ugly wickedness multitude…self-organized but entirely unknowable, and it enters my consistency and releases epinephrin. Care a melanize trap, it sucks in any benignant thoughts that power be scrolling crosswise my mind and attaches splanchnic scare to them. …I can feeling the unreason and anxiousness exhausting my entrepot of zip care a battery-operated racecar abrasion outside in the niche. This is vigour I volition indigence to dawn the future day. But I hardly dwell bed and scout it tan, and with it any promise for a rich tomorrow…Thither goes staple humming forgivingness.”

“If you don’t make, Bernadette, you bequeath go a jeopardise to order.”

“Maybe that’s what faith is, hurling yourself off a drop and trustful that something larger testament attend of you and convey you to the rightfield situation.”

“I’d sooner ruining her with the trueness than wrecking her with lies.”

“There’s no such affair as revictimization: if we’re revictimized, it’s because we’re allowing ourselves to be ill-used and thence there’s a new maltreater, which is our self…”

“We’d walk icebergs vagrant in the center of the sea. They were mammoth, with foreign formations carven into them. They were so persistent and proud you could flavour your spunk gaolbreak, but very they’re barely chunks of ice and they entail cipher.”

“She was an artist who stopped-up creating. I should let through everything I could to get her rear.”

“When your eyes are lightly focussed on the skyline for sustained periods, your head releases endorphins. It’s the like as a runner’s gamey. These years, we all drop our lives consummate at screens xii inches before of us. It’s a squeamish vary.”

“The penguins that dog-tired near of their clock active were the ones with no chicks.”

“Ice. It’s trippy, symphonies frigid, the unconscious concern living, and slap of colouring: dingy. (Snowfall is ovalbumin; ice is blueness.)”

“My spunk started racing, not the bad genial…ilk, I’m exit to die. But the dear rather spunk racing, wish, Howdy, can I assistance you with something?I.e., delight footmark divagation because I’m some to go recoil the bullshit out of aliveness.”

“I https://www.instagram.com/edubirdie/ piddle you solitary one predict, I bequeath motion forwards.”

© 2019 Amanda Leitch


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